Effect Of Corporate Governance On Financial Performance Of Cross-Listed Firms In East Africa Community Securities Exchanges

The objective this study is to investigate the effect of corporate governance on financial performance of cross-listed firms in East Africa community securities exchanges. The study utilized secondary data that was collected from respective firms and their websites. The sample of the study was five cross-listed firms that were listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange and a five-year data was collected from 2011 to 2015. Regression and correlation analysis was utilized in analyzing the secondary data that was collected.

Strategic marketing practices adopted by general motors East Africa Limited

This study set out to identify the marketing strategies adopted by General Motors East Africa Limited. Its main objectives were to determine the strategic marketing practices employed and to examine the factors affecting the implementation of strategic marketing practices employed by the company. The study adopted a case study design which was most appropriate in the investigation of strategic marketing practices adopted by the company. Respondents of the study comprised the company‟s marketing staff, who provided information on the strategic marketing practices.

The effect of profit warnings announcement on share returns of listed companies in East Africa

Profit warning denotes an unforeseen corporate statement that current earnings expectations will fall short for a specified future period. The objective of the study was to find out the effects of profit warning announcements on share returns of companies listed in East Africa. For the purpose of analysis, the study used a population of 35 companies that issued profit warnings between the year 2011 and 2015. The study depended on secondary data that was obtained from the various East African Securities Exchange and Capital Market Authority reports.

Management of strategic change at Procter and Gamble East Africa Limited

Subsidiaries of Multinational companies in Kenya could a basic good focus for economic development inform of foreign direct investment, and the legal framework should be such as it allows them to playa crucial role in the country's economic growth. Key benefits that accrue from such parented companies include job creation and inflow of finances inform of taxes paid in the host country.

The effect of cross listing on share prices for the companies that are cross listed in the East Africa stock exchanges

The main objective of this study is to establish whether there is a difference in share prices for companies that are cross listed and those that are not. This study is an event study, which will be conducted through a case study. The main sample consists of all foreign firms that cross-list common shares on NSE, DSE, and USE between January 2000 and January 2007, that share price data available on Data Sources for at least 2 years before and 2 years after cross-listing. This study was facilitated by the use of secondary data from annual reports of quoted companies.

Spatial coherence and potential predictability assessment of intraseasonal statistics of wet and dry spells over Equatorial Eastern Africa

The aim of this study was to derive components of the intraseasonal rainfall variations from the daily rainfall in the Equatorial Eastern Africa region and assess their spatial coherence, a pointer to their potential predictability. Daily rainfall observations from 36 stations distributed over Equatorial Eastern Africa and extending from 1962 to 2000 were used. The March to May and October to December periods commonly referred to as the long and short rainfall seasons respectively were considered. Seasonal and intraseasonal statistics at the local (station) level were first defined.

Judges and Jurists: role of Kadhis in promoting Islamic scholarship itn he East African Coast,

Since the advent of Islam in the African continent, Muslim scholars have contributed tremendously in establishing institutions of learning and shaping the Islamic scholarship. Kadhis along the East African coast played a significant role promoting Islamic scholarship. In addition to their judicial duties, Kadhis had served as jurist-consults and contributed enormously to various Islamic disciplines. Kadhis’ intellectual contributions complimented the efforts done by the Muslim traders and merchants to bring Islam to the East Africa coast by institutionalizing Islamic scholarship.

Estimation of climatic parameters from solar indices using ground based data from Kenya, East Africa

The daily meteorological data of relative humidity, maximum, minimum, and average temperatures obtained from five stations of the Kenya Meteorological Department over the period 1986 to 2005 were filtered and reduced to monthly means. Monthly data of solar indices: Sunspot number, F10.7 cm solar radio flux and Mg II core-to-wing ratio covering the same period were employed to model the meteorological variables using the linear multivariate model and applying least square fittings.

Spatial and Inter Annual Patterns of the Surface Temperatures Over East Africa

In this study inter-annual patterns of the surface temperature are investigated in order to determine the major climatic fluctuations within the period 1943-1983. The spatial similarities in the observed fluctuation pattern were also investigated through principle component analysis. The major climatic components investigated included the trnd and periodic fluctuations. The ternd was investigated using smoothed curves derived from the five-term bionominal filter. The t-test was also used to compare decadal (10 years) arithmetic averages.

Implications of the East African Community-Customs union with special regard to Kenya

This work takes lip and investigates in general the implications of the East African Customs Union with specific regard to Kenya. The aim of this writing is to have an overview of EACU with regard to Kenya. This work is divided into five chapters. Chapter I is an introductory chapter; this chapter is the one that sets out the direction of our research. In it we give the background of our study, statement of our problem, assumptions of the study (hypothesis), our research objectives, and justification of the study as well as om research questions.


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