Effects Of Marketing Practices On The Performance Of Phoenix Of East Africa Assurance Company Ltd

The market share value is the sure way to know the efficiency, strength, performance and competitive position of the firm and all these depend on the of an insurance company‟s marketing and investment strategy. This research was done to investigate the effects of marketing practises at Phoenix of East Africa Assurance Co. Ltd. The study adopted a case study research design with the following objectives; to find the marketing practices adopted by Phoenix of East Africa Assurance Co.

Challenges in implementation of a globalized strategy by Cisco Systems East Africa

Strategic implementation is a fundamental step in turning a company‟s vision of a project into reality through a series of action-bases phases and tasks. The implementation process maps out the life cycle of a project. Without strategic implementation a project would not be able to get off the ground, since strategic implementation functions as a project‟s blueprint.

An investigation of arbitrage opportunities of cross listed stocks in East Africa

Cross-border listing has gained currency over the past few decades as many companies become international in orientation. This has further been compounded by technological progress and trade liberalization. East African economies have not been left behind in this feat and over the last 4 years, three companies namely East African Breweries Limited, Kenya Airways and Jubilee Holdings have had their shares cross-listed in the East African Stock Exchanges.

Turnaround strategy at Eveready east Africa limited

Many firms experience deteriorating performance due to market erosion and maladaptive decisions by management. When a company starts to experience "declining profits, increased debts, there has to be an intervention to return the company back to profitable state otherwise it will eventually fail. Managers react by selecting corporate strategies that redirect their attempts to improve the position. Turnaround strategy is a form of retrenchment strategy which focuses on operational improvement. when the state of decline is not severe.

The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Financial Performance of Insurance Companies in Kenya

Mergers and Acquisitions have been happening in the Kenyan insurance industry for many years now, ICEA LION GROUP was incorporated in 2012 after Lion of Kenya Insurance Company Limited and the Insurance Company of East Africa Limited (both Kenyan) merged their operations to form an East African regional insurance company. Saham Group acquired Mercantile Insurance in April 2014, Union Insurance of Mauritius acquired Phoenix of East Africa Co. Ltd in May 2014 and in April 2015 Barclays Plc acquired First Assurance Company Ltd.

The effect of cross-listing on the value of firms cross-listed within the East Africa securities exchanges

Before 1997 when Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania signed a memorandum of understanding to establish the East Africa Regulatory Authority whose objective was to establish a framework for a mutual cooperation in the area of capital market development, harmonization of securities laws and promotion of information–sharing and cooperation among members, companies had not cross-listed their shares, but it was until 2001 when East Africa Breweries Ltd become the first company to cross-list its shares.

Strategic change management a t the Wrigley company East Africa (WCEA)

In the face of newly emerging dynamics in the business environment, organizations are increasingly feeling compelled to implement strategic changes to better adapt to evolving environmental challenges. Similarly, the Wrigley Company East Africa Limited had faced challenges some of which were global competition technological advancement and changes in consumer tastes and preferences. In response to these challenges, the company undertook major changes to its operations.

The influence of industrial waste management on an company's financial performance: a case study of General Motors East Africa Limited

This study sought to investigate the influence of waste management on a company's financial performance, a case study of General Motors East Africa Limited. Among the Variables under review included waste management initiatives (reduction, reuse and recycling); waste minimization initiatives (standardization); use of technology (office automation, Sage and Auto master); and need to meet regulatory requirement (Environmental compliance); against financial performance of an organization. An in-depth study of General Motors East Africa Limited was conducted.

The practice of strategic leadership at wrigley company east africa limited kenya

The purpose of the study was to establish the extent of strategic leadership practices at Wrigley East Africa. The study was carried out through a case study design. The study made use of primary data. Interview guides were used to solicit data on the changes in the Wrigley East Africa's environment and the responses thereto. Respondents of the study were 10 managers drawn from the all departments, namely; finance manager, marketing manager, human resource manager, general management, sales manager, and quality assurance manager among other Factory managers.

A study on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Supply chain model in the Wrigley Company (East Africa) limited - (WCEA)

A close scrutiny of debates and discourses on the concept of organizational supply chain management readily reveals that a leading concern among most organizations working with known supply chain models give overwhelming attention to cost minimization. It is generally believed that a firm's level of profit maximization will depend in large measure on the type of supply chain process that it depends on.


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