A Study Of Related Diversification Within East Africa Building Society

This is a management research project which was carried out with three (3) key objectives, namely, • To identify the extent of diversification within East Africa Building Society, • The factors that influence the pursuit of the related diversification strategy • Why the EABS wants to move to the main stream of banking. It is a case study whose respondents comprised the Chief Executive of the EABS,the Chief Executives of its sister companies within the EABS holdings and the marketing managers.

Strategy implementation at Real Insurance Company Limited

The fundamental importance of strategic management is that the world keeps changing. Strategy implementation is a series of actions aimed at putting a selected strategy at work by planning how the chosen strategy can be put into effect and managing the changes required. Organizations have come up with credible strategies which have failed to see the light of day due to poor implementation. For successful implementation, an organization’s various resources, systems, structures and other variables must be expended.

Effects of marketing strategies on the performance of insurance companies in Kenya

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of different marketing strategies on the performance of insurance companies in Kenya. In order to operationalize the phenomena understudy the following variables were utilized to guide this research, i.e. sales promotion, market intelligence and product development and innovation. The data was collected from the marketing managers of all the insurance companies to gain wide representative of the sector. In all, 43 self administered questionnaires were distributed among the marketing managers.

Competitive strategies employed by Johnson diversey East Africa Limited company

Organizations are environment dependent. External environment provide inputs in the organization, and organizations discharge outputs that meets the needs of the external environment. The external environment is always changing sometimes more turbulently than other times. Organizations must therefore develop strategic responses and configure the resources to respond to these challenges Organization develop strategic planning programme to respond to the high levels of environmental turbulence.

Impact of economic integration on growth of insurance industry: an empirical analysis of East African Community

The study examines the impact of economic integration on the growth of the insurance industry. The main objective of the study was to assess the impact of economic integration on the growth of the insurance industry in east African community. The specific objectives were to assess the growth of insurance sector in east African community, to examine the East African regional economic integration and to assess the effect of economic integration on the growth of insurance sector in east African communities.

Effects of Cross-listing on Stock Returns: a Survey of Cross Listed Companies in Kenya

The Kenyan market is an interesting research setting because, despite being a developing economy, gains are still expected from cross listing with its relatively 'poor' neighboring economies (Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi) (Dediti, 2008). Currently, Kenya Commercial Bank. Kenya Airways, Jubilee Insurance and East Africa Breweries are also listed at the Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda stock markets. Equity bank is also listed in Kenya and Uganda. Besides making shares of the companies accessible across the region, the regional listings have been mainly driven by market considerations.

Challenges facing kenya’s soap manufacturing firms exporting to East Africa Community

The objective of the study was to investigate the challenges affecting Kenya‘s soaps manufacturing firms exporting to East Africa Community. The study adopted descriptive research design. The target companies were three leading soap manufacturing firms in Kenya and they included; Bidco Oil Refineries, Unilever Kenya and Ecolab East Africa (K). The study targeted 9 managers and 5 officials from the Ministry of EAC. Since the target population for this study was small and variable, the study adopted a census study approach. The study collected both primary and secondary data.

Strategic response by Kenya Railways Corporation in achieving standard railway operations within East Africa

The history of rail transport dates back nearly 500 years and includes systems with man or horse power and wooden/stone rails. Modern rail transport system first appeared in England in the 1820s. These systems which made use of the Steam Locomotive were the first practical form of mechanized land transport. Starting with the opening of the first Shinkansen line between Tokyo and Osaka in 1964, high speed rail transport, functioning at speeds up and above 300 km/h has been built in several countries.

Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management And Continous Improvement A Case Of General Motors East Africa

In an ever changing environment, efficiency and effectiveness in information processing is not enough, the company needs to invest in creation of information and knowledge. Analysis of an organisation on its capability to learning and managing knowledge and the end effect that it will have on the continuous improvement of the organisation is vital in determining the capacity of the organization to adapt to the ever changing business environment. The research objective was to establish the effect of organizational learning, knowledge management on continuous improvement of General Motors.

The Effect of Rights Issue on Stock Prices of Firms Listed at East Africa Srcurities Exchanges

Firms in stock markets engage in rights issue as an option to generate more capital for financing their growth plans and internal undertakings (Ramirez, 2011). Corporations issue rights as an alternative of raising capital for expansion or for internal operations financing. Rights issues offer the current stockholders the opportunity of acquiring new stocks, usually offered at a price lower compared to the current market price to persuade participation. Companies cross list to attract more investors, reduce cost of capital and generally increase liquidity of stock.


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