Determinants of Procurement Performance in Commercial Banks Within East Africa

Procurement efficiency is the association that exists between planned and actual required resources needed to realize formulated goals and objectives as well as their related activities. The improvement of procurement performance would ensure that sourced firm materials are indeed procured during the right time at suitable cost. This would in turn enable improvements in organization procurement process leading to improvements on quality of offered products and services at minimum cost.

Production and use of Rhizobial inoculants in Africa

Inoculation studies have been conducted in Africa since the 1950s and the benefits of inoculation of legumes with suitable rhizobial strains have been amply demonstrated. Despite the clear evidence of response to inoculation by legume crops, there is relatively little use of inoculants by smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Several programmes aimed at promoting the use of inoculants in smallholder farms have been supported by national governments, especially in East and southern Africa (e.g. Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

Realities in breed improvement programmes for dairy goats in East and Central Africa

Increasing population pressure, land scarcity and diminishing production resources are promoting goat production in the tropics. Dairy goat breeding (DGB) projects have been implemented by development agencies, governments and the private sector with the objective of improving the dairy merits genetically through crossbreeding with exotic genotypes. The performance of these projects is still a cause for concern.

Workshop examines ways to conserve East Africa's animal genetic resources

Okeyo Mwai from ILRI's Biotechnology Theme reflects on a December 2010 workshop on ex-situ conservation of animal genetic resources in Eastern and Central Africa.

The changing conceptions and focus of health research in East Africa

Perceptions in health research are a product of the circumstances within the society, where the research activities are situated. In East Africa there has been a change in conceptualization over a period of time from an elitist de-linked status to the present, which has evolved to embrace the local community. Here we trace the changes and highlight some occurrences that exerted the greatest influence in shaping the notions that currently dominate in research.

Feeding dairy cattle in East Africa.

This book contains 9 chapters that discuss the nutrient requirements of dairy cows; pasture management; forage production and utilization; supplements and additives; feeding calves, heifers and cows; ration formulation; the effect of feeding on milk quality; nutritional diseases and constraints. The book contains tables and coloured illustrations and photographs for each topic. It will serve as a source of information to dairy farmers.

Financial innovations and performance in the Kenyan water Services companies

The increasing changing business environment, which is characterized by fragmented markets, policy changes, technological changes and growing dependence on non price competition is forcing service sectors to be innovative to meet customers demand and expectations. This study sought to evaluate the relationship between financial innovation and financial performance of water companies in Kenya. This study took employed use of descriptive research design and targeted 12 WSPs in Lake Victoria South Water Services Board.

Role of strategic mergers and acquisitions on firm performance of the Wrigley company east Africa limited

The confectionery industry has had numerous players in the sector with the market leaders enjoying monopoly and dictating trends within the industry . However in the recent years, there has been tremendous transformation and dramatic changes in the industry that have been brought about by competition. This study sought to review the role of strategic acquisitions on firm performance.The study's main objective was to review the impact of the acquisitions on overall firm performance which can be of financial and non financial elements.

Bethwell A. Ogot: A Bio-Bibliography

This contribution brings together in one source, Bethwell A. Ogot, the man and his works. It attempts to identify his creative and scholarly works so that they may serve as a guide to the wide range and depth of his intellectual output during an illustrious academic career. It is a tribute to one of the pioneer professional African historians whose ideas and contributions continue to stimulate intellectual exchanges among both African and non-African scholars and researchers.

Strategic management practices, organizational culture and organizational perfomance: a case study of pz cussons East Africa

In the corporate world, the business environment is rapidly changing necessitating organisations to adopt strategic management practices that give them a competitive edge and lead to improved organisational performance. Several areas have been identified as bringing in the much needed edge in performance of any firm in any industry. One key area that results in improvement of performance is Strategic Management Practices. The organizational culture should be aligned with the strategies that are being implemented by the company.


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