Production of Concentrated "Mala" Cultures for Direct VAT Inoculation by Small Scale 'Mala' Manufacturers in East Africa.

The production of Mala (a mesophilic cultured sour milk), by manufacturers processing less than 500-3000 litres per day In Kenya, Uganda and Tanzanla is faced with problems of unavailability good quality culture, and lack of skills and appropriate equipment for propagation of conventional liquid cultures aseptically. Studies to produce concentrated "Mala" cultures for direct VAT inoculation were therefore carried out, using buffered and unbuffered skim milk. whey and tryptone media.

Sweetpotato virus diseases research in East Africa

Sweetpotato is an important staple food crop in Sub-Saharan Africa, with production being concentrated in East Africa, particularly around Lake Victoria. Productivity of the crop is greatly constrained by viral diseases. Four main viruses have consistently been detected from various surveys done in the region viz. sweet potato feathery mottle virus (SPFMV), sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus (SPCSV), sweet potato mild mottle virus (SPMMV), and sweet potato chlorotic fleck virus (SPCFV).

Response strategies of Haco industries Kenya limited to the challenges of counterfeit products in East Africa

The proposed Kenya Anti-Counterfeit Bill 2005, describes counterfeiting as " the manufacture, producing, packaging, re-packing, labeling or making, whether in Kenya or elsewhere, of any goods whereby those protected goods are imitated in such manner and to such a degree that those other goods are identical or substantially similar copies of the protected goods". The trade in counterfeits is a growing menace in the developing world due to a combination of lax local laws and low purchasing power of the citizens.

Characterization of the genetic diversity of East African cattle breeds using micro satellite DNA markers

The indigenous cattle populations of Eastern Africa are vital tr the subsistence and economic development of the region, providing essential food products, sustaining the employment and income of millions of East Africans living in the rural areas, and providing manure as well as draft power used in ploughing and transport. In comparison to their exotic counterparts, these cattle are better adapted to survive and reproduce under the region's harsh environments.

Volcanic Associations In The Gregory Rift Valley, East Africa

The Tertiary to Recent volcanic rocks associated with the Gregory Rift Valley cover large areas in Kenya and northern Tanzania, and the Miocene volcanic and intrusive centres of eastern Uganda belong to the same sodic alkaline province. In addition to numerous reports dealing with specific areas, there are several regional accounts1–6 which summarize some aspects of the petrology.

Land degradation in east Africa.

his paper reviews the history and present crisis state of land degradation in the highlands of east Africa, which contain the most productive agricultural areas of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The main focus is on soil conservation. Various responses to the crisis by governments, research institutes, donors and NGOs are examined, with a focus on Kenya, where achievements have been most conspicuous. The paper concludes with a summary of the prospects for solving the crisis in the future.

Principal of the University of East Africa

Dr. Porter was the first Principal of the University of East Africa currently known as the University of Nairobi. He was the principal from 1964 to 1970.

Effects Of Marketing Practices On The Performance Of Phoenix Of East Africa Assurance Company Ltd

The market share value is the sure way to know the efficiency, strength, performance and competitive position of the firm and all these depend on the of an insurance company‟s marketing and investment strategy. This research was done to investigate the effects of marketing practises at Phoenix of East Africa Assurance Co. Ltd. The study adopted a case study research design with the following objectives; to find the marketing practices adopted by Phoenix of East Africa Assurance Co.

Financial integration relationships and linkages in east African community (EAC) equity markets

This paper investigates financial integration and linkage relationships amongst equity markets in East Africa Community over time by determining the speed and levels of integra tion using monthly market return data for the period 2007 to 2013. The study also examines the short run and long run relationships amongst the markets. The study was motivated by the ongoing plans of establishment of the East Africa Monetary Union (EAMU) which will be characterized by mobility of labor and capital as factors of production across the member states.

OLR and SST characteristics over Africa during years of deficient and surplus rainfall in East Africa

Accurate rainfall forecasts would greatly improve the quality and quantity of agricultural products and other rain dependent activities, while allowing for the amelioration and integration of the catastrophic socio-economic impacts of extreme rainfall events. Such forecasts are as yet unavailable and although numerical models could Improve contemporary forecasts, their potentials remain unexploited in this region.


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