The changing conceptions and focus of health research in East Africa

Perceptions in health research are a product of the circumstances within the society, where the research activities are situated. In East Africa there has been a change in conceptualization over a period of time from an elitist de-linked status to the present, which has evolved to embrace the local community. Here we trace the changes and highlight some occurrences that exerted the greatest influence in shaping the notions that currently dominate in research.

UoN ranked top in East Africa

UoN has recorded an improvement in the Ranking of Web of Universities (Webometrics) January 2014 edition. In the last ranking, UoN was second in East Africa, 14 in Africa and 1624 in the world



Report conference on the University of East Africa

Principal of the University of East Africa

Dr. Porter was the first Principal of the University of East Africa currently known as the University of Nairobi. He was the principal from 1964 to 1970.



Feeding dairy cattle in East Africa.

This book contains 9 chapters that discuss the nutrient requirements of dairy cows; pasture management; forage production and utilization; supplements and additives; feeding calves, heifers and cows; ration formulation; the effect of feeding on milk quality; nutritional diseases and constraints. The book contains tables and coloured illustrations and photographs for each topic. It will serve as a source of information to dairy farmers.

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